Streamlining Your IT Operations with Anidris Services

At Anidris, we bring a wealth of experience and expertise to serve as your trusted IT service integrator. We offer a range of essential services designed to optimize your IT projects, support, and managed operations.

Our IT Project Management services provide comprehensive planning, coordination, and lifecycle management to ensure the successful and timely delivery of your projects. With our IT Support, SiteCare Services offer peace of mind with support options tailored to your needs. Whether it's hardware, software, or configuration issues, we've got you covered. In IT Managed Operations, we empower you to focus on your core business activities while we handle daily operations and specific tasks, offloading your workload and reducing budgetary expenditures.

Anidris is your partner in achieving IT efficiency and excellence.

IT Project Management

We provide IT Project Management services – ProjectCare, turnkey fixed price or Time&Means assistance - designed to fit your needs and budget.

Server consolidation and virtualization

We can help you gain perspective on the big picture while dealing with day-to-day challenges within your company. Because we specialize in IT solution our team has practical experience and know-how needed to create a comprehensive plan for your IT project. Our Project Managers are experienced in a wide variety of IT environments and infrastructure technologies that are tailored to the client’s needs.

We follow and manage your IT project throughout the whole lifecycle, ensuring the timely delivery of professional quality.



Controlling & Managing Implementation 

Directing (runs from project start to finish) 

Project Closure 

IT Support

SiteCare Service:

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From bronze to gold, you get the benefits of a streamlined and efficient support. We take care of your Hardware, Software or configuration issues on a large variety of infrastructure components and from different brands both remote and onsite.

Our locally available engineers have a long-established experience providing first line support and handling escalations and engagement with the manufacturer or editor as required .

IT Managed Operations

Unlike the common managed services outsourcing offerings with our IT Managed Operations services, you keep doing what you do best: providing value to the business fully owning the accountability and responsibility for the services your teams provide.

Anidris skilful and experienced team of service specialists will help you improve operations quality, offload workload and reduce budgetary expenditures.

Daily operation

We take care of your business-as-usual daily checks, troubleshooting and reporting activities.


Let us handle specific tasks on your behalf both proactive and reactive (e.g. backup policy creation, documentation, storage assignment...).

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