Organizations are facing larger and more frequent changes in the current climate. A changing marketplace and technological advancements have created an environment where change is becoming "business as usual".

We believe everyone is continually moving on a journay of change and transformation: your company is, your co-workers are and you are too.

Building the competencies to rapidly and successfully change and adapt is vital.
Anidris Academy training specialists provide the tools and techniques to prepare for any change or transition. Build your skills and confidence with a range of courses for individuals or develop your team's performance with training for groups and tailored to your organisation's needs. We work with you to provide dedicated and flexible learning solutions for your business through coaching, mentoring and soft skill training.

Soft skills training

Hard skills are technical or job-related competencies and abilities that are necessary to complete work.

As a manager, you can usually pinpoint where employees need to improve their hard skills and provide the appropriate training.

Soft skills are more difficult to measure and focus on the development of abilities such as communication, teamwork, relationship-building, problem solving and leadership.

Both hard and soft skills are important to the success of your business. A well-blended training program that does not come short on including soft skills will help you protect the investment you make in employee development.



Anidris Academy provides a training pack that is based on 10 years continuous improvement and delivers standard or custom soft skills trainings in French or English.


People are the key asset of your organisation and pivotal to the company’s success.

Our coaches provide guidance on your goals and help your teams and individuals reach their full potential through:


Executive coaching

(leadership, self-confident, performance, soft skills…)


Individual coaching

(motivation, engagement, autonomy, change adoption…)


CIO & IT Manager interim/assistance

(mentoring, flexible, efficient, time…)


Organisation & skill analysis and fine-tuning

(skill matrix, team setup & structure, team coaching, change adoption)


Anidris Academy training & workshops

(practical & exercise-based, feedback, innovation, change management)

Change adoption

Most projects that fail to deliver upon expected outcomes are not missing the target because of ”technical” shortcomings (e.g. lack of budget or resources) but due to the human factor, the people side of change: poor adoption, change resistance, lack of management awareness and sponsorship…

Organisational change takes individual change.

Our Change Management framework offers to deal with the people side of change from the very early stages of the initiative (“why are we doing this Change?”) preparing the approach, managing the Change and ensure the outcomes are sustained.

“If you don’t take change by the hand,
it will take you by the throat”

Winston Churchill

Your coaches

Régis Radde-Galera


> Master Coach Professional (ICN) > Master in RH > Psychology degree Master MIAGE


> Coach since 2013 > IT manager > Project Manager > IT consultant

Didier Annet


> Master Coach Professional (ICN) > Manager Pipeline program(EMC) Master In Science of Technology


> Coach since 2022 > Manager (Large IT group) > Sales & Sales manager Company owner > IT consultant

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