IT Solutions

Anidris' IT Solutions offering covers the entire chain of system integration and solution delivery: the best combinaison of great products and quality services.

Our core value are integral to everything we do and make out IT solutions offering really stand out from the crowd.

  • Expertise: we really know our stuff, to better help you do yours'. Growing and sharing our focused expertise is at the heart of our business model.
  • Integrity: visible in how we work, in the extra mile we go and the dedication of our experts, advisors ans coaches.
  • Flexibility: quick and effective response to your business challenges tailored to give you the best outcome.
  • Proximity: nearby, fast and with a common cultural/business understanding.
  • One Team: no siloes! We are the sum of our experts' talents and yours' as a client, all feeling connected enabling a collective intelligence to achieve the mission.

Our values make us stand out as your preferred compute partner.

Server consolidation and virtualization

We have a proven track record partnering with top server manufacturers like DELLCISCO and HPE providing the best fit - brand, physical/virtual, hyperconverged… - to help reduce costs, increase availability and improve efficiency.

Let us have a look into your IT server environment to gain a better understanding of your needs and requirements and make fact-based recommendations on improvement opportunities that will help you tackle business challenges and become more competitive without creating unneeded complexity and costs.

We stand ready to deploy, setup and configure your compute environment or assist in these tasks and reduce lead times.


Ease of management, streamlined deployment of new workloads, and optimized infrastructure costs: does Hyperconvergence have all these benefits in store for you?

Let’s jointly delve into it…


Performance, cost and data growth: we have the best fit for all of your business needs.

NAS – File Storage

File storage provides a familiar hierarchical structure, ideal for file sharing and collaboration. Files are stored and organized into folders, similar to the physical files you might store in a paper filing system in an office. If you need information from a file, you’ll need to know what room, cabinet, drawer, and folder contains that specific document. While scalability is more limited, it is a simple way to store small amounts of just about any type of data and make it accessible to multiple users at once.

With Dell products, such as PowerMax eNAS, Unity or Isilon, we can provide you scale-in and scale-out solutions relying on our system integration, data resilience and archiving skills.

Block Storage

Block storage improves on the performance of file storage, breaking files into separate blocks and storing them separately. Block storage doesn’t require a single path to data, so you can store it wherever is most convenient and still retrieve it quickly when needed. Block storage works well for organizations that work with large amounts of transactional data or mission-critical applications that need minimal delay and consistent performance.

We design and build our customer successes with Dell and HPE arrays and Storage Area Networks (FC or iSCSI) deploying reliable asynchronous or synchronous data replication configurations tuning performances of hybrid or full-flash arrays.

Object Storage / CAS / Cloud Storage

Object storage is designed to handle large amounts of unstructured data that saves files in a flat data environment as a self-contained object that contains all the data, a unique identifier, and detailed metadata, permissions, policies, and other attributes.

Object storage works best for static storage, especially for unstructured data. It’s less costly to store large data volumes and has few limits to its scalability but may not be the best fit for dynamic data that is changing constantly.

Data Resilience

Data resilience is the ability to protect against a data-destructive event, such as a cyberattack, data theft, disaster, failure or human error.

Data storage environments may use redundant components, systems and facilities replicate and encrypt data. Upgrades, migrations and day-to-day maintenance can be performed with no downtime. Data Resilience is an important part of your organization’s overall cyber resilience strategy and business continuity plan (BCP).


Our reputation precedes us… 

We have locally one of the finest, most experienced and knowledgeable data resilience team. Beyond backup, we assist and provide guidance in defining and deploying a comprehensive and detailed data resilience plan.


Enterprise backup and recovery solutions

We design, deploy and operate your data protection and backup solution. We developed a long-lasting partnership and honed our skills with products and solutions like: 

  • Dell NetWorker® and Avamar®
  • Veritas NetBackup® software
  • Veeam Backup and Replication®
  • Cohesity
  • Commvault


Deduplication appliances

You may be looking for automated, hassle-free backups that can keep up with the demands of daily backups, offsite replication, cloud storage, and business continuity in the face of a malware or ransomware attack?

As Veritas Platinum and Dell Titanium partner, we have an in-depth knowledge and expertise to deploy solutions using NetBackup® and NetWorker® or Avamar® with Data Domain® appliances. We can use the cloud to design and set up your data resilience: CloudTier® or CloudBoost® on Data Domain and CloudCatalyst® on NetBackup. We could also mix and match brands as applicable e.g. integrating Data Domain® or HPE StoreOnce® appliances into a NetBackup ® software environment.


Data Resilience

Classic backup software allows to reach a Recovery Point Objective of one hour. Storage replication allows you to get two exact copies instantly but may very well replicate data corruption. For critical business applications solutions such as Dell RecoverPoint provide continuous data replication. Like a video recorder, you can come back to any point in time to restore data, test it and rewind further in time as required.


Tape Libraries

The role of tape in the modern IT infrastructure has drastically changed over time. While previously used as the primary storage option, tape is now the best option for offsite duplicating and/or archiving of large amounts of data. When tape backup is used alongside other backup technology (disk or cloud), you can build a comprehensive data protection strategy addressing your system’s faults and vulnerabilities.

We’ll guide you selecting the best suited Dell, HPE or Oracle solution among a broad choice of modular, capacitive capacious and reliable tape libraries connected via SAN or SAS.


Data Archiving

Data archiving is the practice of is the process where an organization creates a long-term archive of their structured and unstructured data to:

  • Meet compliance requirements
  • Centralize discovery of often widely dispersed data
  • Reduce storage load and costs while increasing productivity


Long and mid-term retention

Storage tiering is a strategy that lets you optimize the use of storage resources (in-premise or cloud), efficiently backup data, save costs and make the best use of storage technology for each data class. Archived data is typically stored on low performance, high-capacity storage with lower associated maintenance and operation costs.

Dell ECS® is perfectly suited to safely and securely store legal documents for decades that are not frequently accessed. The Retention Lock feature on Data Domain® is another mid-term retention approach to prevent modification or deletion of certain sets of files for a predetermined period.


Archiving software

Whether you want to offload MS Exchange, Lotus Domino servers or file servers with our skilled design and implementation of the market leading solution Veritas Enterprise Vault ® you have twice the benefit:

  • data is securely moved to a storage tier and/or location where data cannot be deleted (e.g. to prove compliance and protect from litigation)
  • you offload your primary storage on top of reducing your backup volume optimising costs and performance

Data center design relies on multiple physical and network-based devices all interconnected to the data center infrastructure nodes.

A data center network interconnects servers, firewalls, and other physical and virtual devices in the data center to process data exchange at ultra-low latency. A campus network interconnects multiple local area networks (LANs) within a limited geographical area supporting users and their devices. A network operations center (NOC) makes it possible for IT managers to monitor and control a communications network.


Cisco is one of the largest technology companies in the world and cannot be overlooked when speaking of networks: Cisco focuses on three market segments—enterprise, service provider, midsize and small business - providing IT products and services across five major technology areas: Networking, Security, Collaboration, Data Center and the Internet of Things.


Cisco Meraki is changing the way you think about network management today. Its out-of-band cloud architecture creates secure, scalable and easy-to-deploy networks that can be managed from anywhere and from almost any device (web-based or mobile App). Meraki solutions range from wireless routers and switches to security and communications.


As your preferred IT solution provider we may provide you a one-stop shop approach for all your IT infrastructure needs including the rental of shared or dedicated DC rooms and full connectivity

Data Centre (DC) Relocation

Are you planning to physically move your current data centre equipment to a different room or a completely new physical location? Our team of specialists and experts are experienced with the nuances of physically moving data centre equipment knowing how to identify and avoid potential risks.

DC inventory

You don’t want to get stuck in the middle of a relocation because of uncharted orphan systems went into oblivion until this very day! We have developed a methodology and tools to build a consolidated inventory that is pivotal to a successful data centre relocation.

DC design

The inventory serves as a baseline to assess the target IT infrastructure against your strategy both in terms of technical and financial aspects. It shall identify and document system and service dependencies. We may assist with room and rack design optimization up to overall infrastructure optimization review, including technology refresh and on-premises vs. cloud distribution.

Risk mitigation

A data centre move implies relocating your company’s most valuable assets: your business data. A sound relocation strategy includes setting up and following up on a Risk log and define corresponding mitigation actions. We’ll jointly agree on the best approach, strategy and actions to minimize downtimes and avoid data loss. 

System moves

Built on a safe preparation, based on previous phases, we work with you to guarantee the success. Tasks are executed by experts in different areas: management of applications by your experts, management by our experts or vendor specialists, cabling, racking and move by different specialists of each area.

Project management

A key success factor of the DC relocation consists in ensuring a good collaboration between all stakeholders with a clear and common understanding of respective roles and responsibilities. Our experienced project managers engage with your applications owners, our technical subject matter experts or vendor specialists and any other contributor (e.g. cabling, racking…) as required to coordinate a smooth collaboration during all steps from the preparation to the execution of the planned move.

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