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Our Advisory Services cover a broad spectrum of critical areas to ensure your business thrives in the digital age. From Cloud Transformation, ensuring your cloud strategy aligns people, governance, and technology, to Audit Support & Readiness, where we streamline your audit preparation, our experts are here to facilitate a seamless process.

We also specialize in Gap Analysis, identifying where you are, where you need to be, and how to bridge the gap effectively. Our Maturity Assessments offer insights into your cybersecurity and operational maturity, while our RFP Assistance eases the burden of crafting effective proposals.

With Anidris, you'll find tailored solutions to propel your business forward while minimizing risks and maximizing efficiency

Cloud Transformation

The cloud strategy like every technology improvement model relies on 3 dimensions:


They form the core of every good strategy. As part of your cloud vision, you will want to understand the implications a cloud transition has on your staff and users, whether internal or external.


You don’t want your route to the cloud lead to inconsistency, poor administration, duplication of services and suboptimal costing. The overall governance and associated processes (e.g. Service Management, Service Operation … ) help guide the decision-making process and keep you on track and aligned with your cloud strategy defining boundaries.


A migration that underestimates the importance of the right technical components play in the cloud strategy is doomed to mediocrity at best and failure at worst. Technology choices have a huge impact on your monitoring, provisioning, and migration capabilities.

Audit Support & Readiness

Regulatory agencies, financial institutions, or your stakeholders — they all require audits that have become an unavoidable and ever-increasing part of running your business.

However, audit preparation requires a lot of extra effort and bandwidth on top of business-as-usual and regular operations. This additional workload can overwhelm your team and quickly go off the right course without a structured approach.

But with the help of Anidris audit support experts, you can find services tailored to fit your needs. We’ll help you get audit ready, so you can focus on what you do best: running a successful business.

Our experts work as facilitators between your team, the management and auditors to facilitate a smooth execution. Your company benefits from timely additional expertise as necessary in:


  • Working with auditors regarding requirements
  • Meeting with auditors and assist in shaping responses to auditor questions of varying complexity
  • Compiling detailed memos on specific topics
  • Coordinating and managing your responses to auditors
Gap analysis

A Gap Analysis is used to determine whether a company is meeting expectations and using its resources effectively. It identifies:

  • where an organisation is (current performance)
  • where an organisation wants to be or should be (desired or expected performance)
  • the gap that needs to be overcome to achieve the desired state

Developing a strategy and associated action plans to close the gap in a technically and financially viable solution is one of the most valuable deliverable of the entire GAP analysis.

The step-by-step methodology and proven track record of how Anidris ensures that our clients are able to clearly understand the identified GAP and what is need to close the gap regardless of focus GAP being:

  • Technology
  • Audit
  • Regulatory and Compliance
  • Risk assessment and mitigation
Maturity Assessment

A maturity assessment can have different levels of granularity looking into one very specific area or a broader domain.

Assess the current situation in the spotted area  

Identify risks and exposure  

Propose an improvement action plan  

As an example, a NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) CSF (Cyber-Security Framework) maturity assessment evaluates how ingrained or “mature” cybersecurity procedures are as part of a company’s overall culture and operating procedures and sets a clear standard for gauging your company’s readiness to deal with cyberattacks and continue to make informed throughout your organisation.

RFP Assistance

An RFP - Request For Proposal - is only effective if it is well crafted and put in front of the right prospective vendors. Writing an RFP from scratch can be overwhelming, not to mention the commitment of time and energy required. Our RFP assistance will allow you to dedicate those resources to your business.

Through our extensive experience we’ve had a chance to work with many of the vendors that typically respond to RFPs. Our experience and knowledge in RFP creation consulting allows us to recommend the right vendors to invite into the RFP process.

We are happy to assist as required with:

  • the definition of needs and requirements
  • a scoping of technologies
  • an inventory of target infrastructure systems
  • performance analysis
  • the RFP evaluation matrix
  • setting up a decision tree
  • coaching for supplier evaluation
  • managing the end-to-end RFP process

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