[ARTICLE] Anidris Partners with Amazon Web Services to Enable Cloud IT Infrastructures for Luxembourg Customers

Anidris, Oct 14, 2023
Anidris, a Luxembourgish IT infrastructure services provider, has announced that it recently selected Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its primary public cloud partner.

With this partnership, Anidris plans to extend its services portfolio. The Luxembourgish company has in-depth expertise in IT infrastructure and data management projects within on-premises data centres, the cloud or hybrid models. This partnership with AWS, with global expertise in all topics related to the cloud, is considered a logical step to be able to offer the cloud and thus more business value to their customers. 

For businesses, the adoption of the cloud can be challenging due to a lack of knowledge/skills and regulatory requirements which are of particular relevance in Luxembourg. With this new partnership, Anidris will be able to provide its customers with advice on governance, organisation, methodology and process transformation around a cloud adoption. In addition, the team can give specific guidance on how to apply AWS services and lead the personalised adoption and migration process of each customer to help them get the most value during the digital transformation. 

AWS and Anidris will work together to help customers navigate the areas of compliance, governance and security. In addition, AWS will provide support to Anidris on a service level to make sure the latter can provide its local customers with a personalised cloud package.

Stéphane Bosman, Alliance Manager AWS at Anidris, commented: "We have chosen AWS as our partner because we speak the same language; even though AWS is leader in their field, their interaction with people and similar approach to how they work have shown us that they are our ideal partner. Together, our goal is to bring cloud adoption to private and public sectors in Luxembourg and make sure that our local customers benefit from the cloud and can take the next step in their digitilisation process. We are very much looking forward to building this relationship and are confident that we can support our local customers in their cloud adoption not only on the services side but also with our renewed knowledge on cloud regulations".